Test and Evaluation Services

SST has an extensive experience in Test and Evaluation services and provides consistent, rigorous, innovative, and customized testing services.
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Test and Evaluation processes allow the testing of information system solutions, products and services to ensure the information system under test performs as intended in the hands of users.
Test and Evaluation Services

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SST testing and evaluation services are made up of independent verification and validations as well as user based operational test and evaluation. SST has a flexible testing and evaluation approach for all projects. This means SST handles all types of test and evaluation projects including testing that evaluates measures of effectiveness, suitability and various cybersecurity testing. As always, SST brings test and evaluation subject matter expertise to all clients.
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SecureSoft Technologies LLC has been an exceptional VRC team member in working with us to advance our strategic goals. Their services have always been timely and of superior quality. Their work has often caught the attention of senior-level officials who have commended the company for its work and professionalism.

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