Software Engineering

We provide strategic, innovative and comprehensive data protection software engineering services.
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SST follows industry software engineering practices to deliver software engineered products.

Our software Engineering services include:

  • Strategic Planning, and Concept Development
  • Requirements and Policy Analysis
  • Information Systems Engineering and development
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV &V)
  • Independent Test and Evaluation (Operational and Development)
  • Information System Architectural Solutions
Software Engineering

Capabilities / Process

SST software engineering practices is based on agile concepts and devops practices. The software engineering consists of highly experienced and proven software engineers and developers. The team is always led by experienced software engineer who is well versed in all steps of the agile and devops processes.
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SecureSoft Technologies LLC has been an exceptional VRC team member in working with us to advance our strategic goals. Their services have always been timely and of superior quality. Their work has often caught the attention of senior-level officials who have commended the company for its work and professionalism.

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