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Core Cybersecurity Services

SecureSoft Technologies (SST) provides comprehensive IT Security services. We protect our clients’ data by preventing, monitoring, and intervening in real time. Data security is incredibly important. Our goal is to cover any 'gaps' in IT security and completely secure our client's data and facilities. We use several methods to monitor and protect client data. We are dedicated to providing excellent IT security service, ensuring your business operates securely. To that end, we provide these four core services:
Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Systems (HACS)Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Systems (HACS)
Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Systems (HACS)
Risk Management - Oversight and ComplianceRisk Management - Oversight and Compliance
Risk Management - Oversight and Compliance
Systems & Network EngineeringSystems & Network Engineering
Systems & Network Engineering
Systems IntegrationsSystems Integrations
Systems Integrations
AI Weapons Detection System
Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Systems (HACS)

SST holds the General Services Administration IT 70 schedule special item number (SIN) Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS).

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Risk Management - Oversight and Compliance

SST risk management -oversight and compliance team are experts in the NIST 800 series and cybersecurity frameworks.

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Systems & Network Engineering

SST utilizes a tailored approach with highly experienced teams of subject matter experts to deliver successful system and network engineering solutions.

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Systems Integrations

SST utilizes a tailored approach as well as subject matter experts to deliver scalable and successful integrations.

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Uncompromising security meets unparalleled privacy with the revolutionary AiLert AI-Based Weapons Detection System known as Samson.

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Additional Cybersecurity & IT Solutions

SST can upgrade your organizations current IT system or help install a comprehensive IT system. Data security is incredibly important Our goal is to cover any 'gaps' in IT security and completely secure our client's data and facilities. We use a number of methods to monitor and protect client data. We are dedicated to providing excellent IT security service, ensuring your business operates securely.

Federal Government Cybersecurity

SST provides extensive IT security to Federal Government organizations. We leverage our IT knowledge and expertise to bring effective security and service to federal organizations. Our expertise in connection and security allows providing support for a variety of agencies.

Through prevention, monitoring and intervention we offer a next-generation level of IT security.
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Meet Your Cybersecurity Requirements

SST has over 30 years of experience in IT solutions. We have a deep understanding of current IT industry challenges and the strong engineering expertise needed to resolve customer’s IT requirements and needs. We are small, driven, flexible, and highly responsive to our customers.

Not sure you are ready for a consultation? Read our 7 Pro Tips to Boost Network Security & Enhance Cyber Security.

SecureSoft Technologies LLC has been an exceptional VRC team member in working with us to advance our strategic goals. Their services have always been timely and of superior quality. Their work has often caught the attention of senior-level officials who have commended the company for its work and professionalism.
Col. Roberto Montoya, (US Army Retired), 
President of VRC Corporation


Cybersecurity FAQs

Can you tell me more about your company?

SecureSoft Technologies helps businesses with their cybersecurity needs across all sectors. We help businesses meet their cybersecurity and information assurance requirements, protect their business assets, and support their systems engineering needs while reducing business cost. SST has provided comprehensive subject matter expertise in Information Assurance support in System Security Project Planning and Strategies, Policies and Regulations, Security Engineering solutions, and more. We provide our customers with cybersecurity at highly competitive pricing as well as skills and tools necessary to safeguard their assets and investments in information systems and resources. WIth us, you can expect quality cybersecurity, competitive pricing, and an excellent customer experience.

What is the Affordable Cybersecurity Solution?

The solution is two-fold: Cybersecurity services and tools; Management of assets is key to ensuring your organization avoids data breaches or compromises. SST Cyber Security Services provides an assessment that allows your organization to know how well your assets are managed. Follow-on services will allow your organization to know its security posture at any time; SST Cyber Security service/tools are effectively customized for your organization’s cyber security needs and protections at affordable rates. Solutions include cutting-edge cyber security awareness training and disaster recovery services. To get started with our Affordable Cyber Security Solution, schedule a free consultation by calling 240-770-2097.

Can you evaluate DoD automated information systems?

Yes, SecureSoft Technologies has provided ATEC system engineering services and evaluated multiple DoD automated information systems. Well-versed in standard acquisition processes and requirements including the DoD 5000 series, Net-Centricity and Information Assurance, SecureSoft Technologies have planned and conducted developmental and operational testing in support of evaluations. We have assessed the effectiveness, suitability and survivability of systems by providing support to facilitate the collection and analysis of data for the preparation and execution of tests, observing on-site testing, performing reduction analysis, and authentication of test data, reviewing test incident reports, and writing applicable test and evaluation documentation.

What are the benefits of your disaster recovery, backup & restore features?

Companies can instantly bring systems online in our cloud when hardware failure or natural disasters occur. Encrypted data is safely maintained with regards to Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). There are many additional benefits to our cloud services including:

  • We offer a 15 minute failover guarantee (guarantees to bring any system back online in SST cloud in 15 minutes or less from time of the disaster)
  • Central deployment and management
  • Endpoint protection
  • Geolocation and remote wipe (easily locate lost or stolen devices)
  • And much more!
7 Pro Tips to Boost Network Security & Enhance Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity FAQs
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