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Uncompromising security meets unparalleled privacy with the revolutionary AiLert AI-Based Weapons Detection System known as Samson. Designed to safeguard public spaces and events, this cutting-edge solution leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and discreet scanning capabilities to detect potential threats with precision, ensuring your safety.

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Key Features:

Advanced Threat Detection: The AiLert system combines the power of AI to detect individuals that exhibit certain high stress behaviors that are linked to threats with AI algorithms and machine learning to identify weapons and potential threats in all spaces; public, private, indoors, or outdoors. Equipped with a sophisticated neural network, it analyzes real-time video streams to detect and flag high-stress behaviors commonly associated with aggressive intent.

Privacy-First Approach: We prioritize your privacy and anonymity above all else. Unlike traditional surveillance systems, AiLert utilizes discreet scanning, which respects the rights and dignity of individuals. No personal data of individual(s) without detected weapons is stored or shared, providing a sense of security without compromising privacy.

Rapid Response Time: In a crisis, every second counts. The AiLert system acts as an ever-vigilant security guard, quickly identifying potential threats and triggering alerts to security personnel and/or law enforcement as dictated by organization’s emergency or incident response policies. This immediate response drastically reduces the time it takes to neutralize potential dangers, enhancing overall physical security protocols.

With the AiLert AI-Based Weapons Detection System, you can be rest assured that your safety and privacy are in expert hands. Protecting you and your community is our utmost priority. Experience the peace of mind that comes with cutting-edge technology that detects threats discreetly and responds instantly, creating a physically secure environment for everyone.

Safeguard your future with AiLert - where safety and privacy converge.


Securesoft Technologies is the sole reseller of Samson in the United States. Samson is listed on our GSA schedule for Federal, State, Local and Territorial purchase.

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